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ICOVAI rallies clinical, scientific, regulatory and technology experts to bring the full potential of AI to health care practitioners fighting COVID-19.

Hospitals around the world are overrun with patients affected by COVID-19. More than ever, doctors need to decide rapidly on how to treat patients.

Increasing evidence shows CT can be a valuable method to gain insight into the severity of lung infections.

The consortium aims to develop an AI tool to support overwhelmed medical staff with the reporting of these scans.

The COVID-19 pandemic is endangering people and healthcare systems across the world.
We need to fight it together.

Our solution

Leveraging the expertise of member hospitals, institutions and industry partners, ICOVAI is developing a solution for:

  • Detection of COVID-19, to enable increased capacity for initial testing in suspected patients
  • Differentiation between COVID and non-COVID CT appearances, to guide risk management
  • Quantification of disease severity, to facilitate appropriate patient follow-up
  • Prognosis prediction, to determine the likelihood of a patient needing ICU care
  • Web-based DICOM viewer, to allow remote access, viewing and sharing

Deployment into clinical practice

Beyond development, ICOVAI is well-equipped to validate and deploy the AI solution at scale across hospitals in Europe, aiming for these key results:

  • European adoption and safe use of AI in COVID-19 triaging and risk stratification
  • Increase speed and accuracy in COVID-19 triaging and risk stratification
  • Reduce workload in COVID-19 imaging workflow


ICOVAI comprises of academic organisations, data providers, artificial intelligence (AI) companies and distribution partners.

We are open to new partners joining the efforts.

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We need to fight together


Rijnstate (NL)
Erasmus MC (NL)
Liverpool Hearth & Chest Hospital (UK)
Albert schweitzer Ziekenhuis (NL - Doordrecht)
Cimar / Ambra (Int.)
4Ways (UK)
Icometrix (Int.)
Noord West Ziekenhuisgroep (NL)
Nico.lab (Int.)
Tergooi ziekenhuis (NL)
University of Edinburgh (UK)
Aidence (Int.)
Incepto (FR)
Amsterdam UMC (NL)
InHealth (NL)
St. Anotonius (NL)
Deventer Ziekenhuis
Imapôle Villeurbanne


To develop the AI solution for COVID-19 on chest CT, the consortium's most pressing need is to collect data.

  • Clinicians: Offer your support by sharing relevant datasets containing positive, negative and control scans. The consortium offers multiple ways of easy, secured, and compliant data sharing.
  • Medical societies: Ensure incorporation of latest guidelines for diagnosing COVID-19.
  • Industry partners: Collaborate on the integration and deployment of the produced solution.

We are open to new partners joining the efforts.

Sharing anonymised medical data is fully in line and compliant with GDPR.

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Our mission:


Leverage the experience and knowledge of expert members to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


AI has the potential to support healthcare systems during the corona crisis by increasing the speed and accuracy of COVID-19 triaging and risk stratification.


Develop and deploy a not-for-profit cloud based AI solution for COVID-19 on chest CT.

ICOVAI is an initiative of Dutch-based AI companies Aidence and Nico.lab, with the aim of leveraging their experience and rallying their networks for the fight against Covid-19.